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Video Failed to Play and other Playback Issues
Video Failed to Play and other Playback Issues

I'm seeing a black screen with the error "Video Failed to Play." Sometimes videos load but play very slowly.

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Some browsers and networks can cause problems while playing videos from Pivot Interactives. While we at Pivot Interactives can't control these factors, we've discovered many options that can help solve these issues.

  1. If using the AdBlock extension on your browser, add Pivot Interactives to the allow list or temporarily disable the ad blocker.

    1. For the allow list, you need the following URLs:

      1.* (for access to Pivot Interactives website)

  2. Try a different web browser.

  3. Try a different device or connect to a different network, if possible. Computers and networks managed by a school often have content restrictions that may block video access on our website. If this solves the problem, then you will need to contact your IT department to have them resolve this so that you can access the videos on your school computer and/or network.

If none of these solutions works, please visit our chat by clicking the chat bubble in the lower left. Let us know that you are having a video playback issue, and tell us:

  • The activity you are working on (paste the URL of the activity into the chat),

  • The type of device (laptop/phone), the operating system (OS), and the browser,

  • Describe the problem (video appears but won't play, video won't load, etc.)

We'll help you troubleshoot and get you back on track!

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