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Student FAQ: How do I see my grade?
Student FAQ: How do I see my grade?

How you can see your points or score for a lab assignment.

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Your total score for your assignment will always appear at the top of the assignment. Activities include two types of questions: autograded questions and instructor-graded questions.

All autograded questions have a Submit button.

This includes multiple-choice and numeric questions. To have the question graded, you must click Submit Answer:

This will use a submission. If you do not have any submissions remaining, you will not be able to submit a new answer. Your score for autograded questions will display below the submit button.

Open-ended questions, data tables, and graphs are manually graded by your instructor.

They will have a 0 until your instructor assigns a grade to them. When you are working on a Pivot Interactives assignment, all your work is continuously saved. You can verify this by noticing the small green flasher:

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