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Student Instructions for Working on Assignments
Student Instructions for Working on Assignments

Here's how to view and submit your work on an assignment

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When you log into Pivot Interactives, you'll see a list of the classes you are enrolled in and the assignments for each class.

Click View on the right of the name of any assignment to open and work on an assignment.

  • If an assignment is Not Started, it is open and available for you to begin.

  • If an assignment is In Progress, it has previously saved work on the activity.

  • When you finish an activity and submit it, it is Submitted. You cannot edit these activities until your teacher unsubmits them.

  • When the teacher is finished grading an activity, the status will be marked as Graded, and you will see your score in the Scores column.

Once you have opened an activity, enter responses as needed.

  • As you work, your responses will be saved automatically.

  • Multiple-choice and numerical questions can be scored automatically if there is a Submit button visible for the question.

  • Open-ended questions, data tables, and graphs are scored by the instructor. Contact your instructor for details on that.

When you are finished with your work, you can simply close the assignment. All your work is saved continuously. You can return to it to make changes or continue working until the due date set by your instructor or until the assignment is closed by your instructor. You may also click "Submit Activity" to submit the assignment.

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