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Adding Additional Instructors to a Class
Adding Additional Instructors to a Class

Adding co-teachers and graders to a class allows them to assist with assigning activities, grading, and more.

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Adding additional instructors to a Pivot Interactives allows that person to perform the following functions based on the role that you select:

  • Instructor - Instructors can assign activities, grade assignments, manage due dates and add additional teachers or graders.

  • Grader - Graders can can assign activities, grade assignments and manage due dates.

The person first must be added to your school's license by the person(s) at your school designated as a License Administrator.

1. Invite the person to the license

Note: If you don't see the options described below, then you aren't a License Administrator. Please reach out to the person at your school responsible for this. If you don't know who that is, contact Pivot Interactives support.

  1. Click Account

  2. Click Manage License

  3. Click Send Invitations

  4. Select the Role

    Admin - grants administrative privileges to the license, i.e. the ability to do what you're doing right now.
    Member - Allows person to create and manage their own classes
    Grader - Allows person to only be added as a Grader to other classes by another Member.

  5. Enter the email addresses of those you want to invite. If you need to invite people fulfilling different roles, you'll need to invite them in batches by role.

  6. Click Invite.

Notification emails with further instructions will be sent out to each recipient, including instructions on creating a new account if they don't already have one.

2. Add them to your class(es)

  1. Click My Classes

  2. Click the name of the class you wish to add an instructor/grader to.

  3. Click View Class & Roster.

  4. Click Add Instructor.

  5. Select the correct Role

  6. Select the people you wish to add from the dropdown menu.

  7. Click Add

Each person will then get a notification email.

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