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What happens when my trial period ends?
What happens when my trial period ends?

After a trial expires, instructors keep access for 60 days, but students will not be able to view activities.

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When a trial period ends, the account status will change to Limited Status for 60 days. All of the instructor's work (and the students' work) is preserved. Customized activities, grading, etc., are all saved and carried forward.

With Limited Status, instructors will continue to enjoy full access to Pivot Interactives. All functions will be available to the instructors, such as creating courses, making and editing experiments, assigning labs, grading, and more. The only difference between Active and Limited Statuses is student access. During the 60 days of Limited Status, students cannot view activities or complete assignments.

When the 60-day Limited Status period ends, instructor accounts will shift into Inactive Status. The instructor will no longer be able to access videos, create classes, or edit activities. By purchasing and activating seats, the account will automatically shift to Active Status, reinstating full instructor access and allowing students to enter their class and assigned activities.

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