You can use iFrame to embed web content into a Pivot Interactives activity:

  • Youtube videos
  • HTML/javascript simulations
  • Google forms

To add an iFrame to an activity:

  1. Open the activity in edit mode.
  2. Scroll to the section into which you want to add an iFrame and open it.
  3. To add an iFrame component, select iFrame from the list in the Type dropdown and click Add Component.
  1. Scroll to the new iFrame component, which will be added to the bottom of the section, and enter the URL for the web page you want to embed.
  2. To embed a youtube video with the URL:,
    modify it like this:
  3. When you've finished modifying the activity, press save and then open it in preview to check if the activity works as expected.

Pivot Interactives's privacy policy does not extend to websites that are embedded in Pivot Interactives activities using iFrames.

Note: do not share activities with iFrames to the Pivot Interactives community library. Because iFrames may contain links to other websites whose privacy policies we cannot monitor or approve, we cannot allow the distribution of activities that contain iFrames.

If you decide to include iFrames in activities for your students, you are responsible for ensuring the websites you embed have privacy policies that are acceptable to you and your students.

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