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Embed videos and other web content in Pivot Interactives activities
Embed videos and other web content in Pivot Interactives activities

You can use the Embedded Web Content component to add web pages to your Pivot Interactives activities.

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You can use Embedded Web Content to embed web content into a Pivot Interactives activity. Considering using this to add:

  • Youtube videos,

  • HTML/javascript simulations,

  • PDFs for longer reading,

  • Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, or any other Google products.

How to add Embedded Web Content

  1. Open the activity in edit mode.

  2. Scroll to the section where you want to add embedded web content.

  3. On the Add Component bar, select Embedded Web Content from the list and then click the + button.

  1. Scroll to the new embedded web content component, which will be added to the bottom of the section, and enter the URL for the web page you want to embed.

  2. When you've finished modifying the activity, press Save and then open it in preview to check if the activity works as expected.

Be sure to preview your activity BEFORE you assign it.

Not all websites can be embedded. If you attempt to embed a website that is unable to embed, you will get an error message when you launch the website.

Pivot Interactives does not control the embed abilities of other sites.

Privacy and Embedded Web Content

Pivot Interactives's Privacy Policy does not extend to websites embedded in Pivot Interactives' activities using Embedded Web Content.

If you decide to include Embedded Web Content in activities for your students, you are responsible for ensuring the websites you embed have privacy policies that are acceptable to you and your students.

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