We approve free trial requests for science educators. We won't approve our free trial requisition unless we can use the information you provide allows us to verify that you are a science educator. Here are some criteria we look for:

  • Educators need to be affiliated with a school or institution. We need to know the name and location of the school. Providing a link to the school website or to your instructor's web page is very helpful. 

  • We need to know your role as an instructor, course coordinator, curriculum lead, or department head.

  • Pivot Interactives is not currently compliant with GDPR, so we don't approve educators who live in the European Union. 

  • We don't approve free trials for students. Students use the Join class page to sign up or join a class (even if the instructor is using a free trial).

If you were not approved and you believe you should be, please contact our Support team.

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