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Minimum System Requirements for Pivot Interactives
Minimum System Requirements for Pivot Interactives
Pivot Interactives is tested to run on current versions of popular browsers.
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Pivot Interactives is a web application designed to operate on internet-connected devices with the following browser versions:

Mozilla® Firefox®, version 83 or later

Windows®, macOS™

Google® Chrome™, version 85 or later

Windows, macOS, Chrome OS

Apple® Safari®, version 14 or later

macOS, iOS 13 or later on iPad®

Pivot Interactives relies on stable, high-speed internet connection during use.

Other browsers and devices may also function fully or partially, but are not tested and supported by Pivot Interactives.

Allow List:

The network VPN or firewall must not prevent access to our site. The firewall should allow exceptions for:**
(both need to be accessible via xhr requests)

Allow List Domains:

You should also approve the following email domains to ensure contact from our support team if needed:

For students: If you are not using a rostering service, it is important that you allow emails from <> as this is the email used for password resets.

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