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Grading Students' Responses
Download and Printing Student Responses
Download and Printing Student Responses

Your students can print their responses, or submit them for grading by email or in your LMS

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Pivot Interactives activities are not optimized for printing. We recommend viewing and grading your student's work within Pivot Interactives.

Students' responses can be downloaded as PDF files. To save their responses as a PDF file, students use their browser's Print function. Each browser handles this slightly differently.

The easiest way to access the Print function of most browsers is to right-click on the page, then select Print. (Ctrl+P works in most browsers as well.)

  • Select Save as PDF, and then click Save

  • Once they've downloaded their responses, students can submit them for grading via email or upload them to an LMS so the instructor can use the LMS grading tools.

For more assistance converting to PDF on an iPad, check out Save and mark up PDFs.

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