Pivot Interactives video upload feature allows students and instructors to upload their own videos for analysis. The process is simple and streamlined. There's no software to download, and the instructions, data and graphs, and videos are all in one place.

A teacher-made video of a rope swing allows students to determine the length of the rope by timing a portion of the period and using the simple pendulum model.

Pivot Interactives allows teachers and students to upload and analyze your own videos. Once uploaded, you can use Pivot Interactives rulers, grids, protractors, and stopwatch to analyze motion. There are two basic video upload features, student video upload and instructor video upload

1. Student Video Upload

Teachers can create activities that require students to upload and analyze their own video. For example, students can record and upload a video of an object in free fall and then use the Pivot Interactives tools to analyze the motion.

To create an activity in which students will upload and analyze their own video, use these instructions.

2. Instructor Video Upload

Teachers can also create activities using their own video. Teachers can then assign these activities to students just as they would with any other activity. In addition, teachers can share these activities with other teachers using the Community Library.

To create an activity based on your own video, follow these instructions..

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