Once you've assigned an activity to your class, you can create a link to the assignment that students can use to directly access the assignment.

Access the My Classes page

  1. Click My Classes at the top of the page.

  2. Click on the class name.

Create the assignment link

  1. Click the three dots opposite the assignment name.

  2. Click Copy Link.

  3. When Copy Link becomes Copied!, the link has been successfully copied.

The link will be in the form of https://www.pivotinteractives.com/assignments/59b910dc982h3300183e0856/responses.

If an instructor clicks the link, they will get a Page Not Found error. This is because the link will only work for STUDENTS enrolled in the class where the activity was assigned. When students click the link, they will be directed to log in to Pivot Interactives. Once they do, the assignment will open in their browser. If students are already logged in when they click the link, the assigned activity will open in their browser.

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