At the end of an academic year or term, you can archive your classes. This will clear up your My Classes page, making it easier to work with your current classes. This will also return the student subscriptions used in that class to your currently available pool of student seats (until the seats expire).

Click the three dots icon on the title bar's right for the class you want to archive. Select and click Archive Class. This will load a pop-up for you to confirm your choice.

Once you select Yes, the class will be archived.

Why would I want to archive a class?

Here's an example of how archiving a class affects your pool of available student seats. Say you purchased 120 seats for a school year and created four classes, each of 30 students. In the next year, you renew your subscription, this time purchasing 150 seats. When you purchase your new subscription, your pool of available seats will increase by 30 since you purchased 30 more seats than last year. To access all 150 seats, you need to archive last year's four classes to return those seats into your pool of available seats.

Unarchiving a class

Click the gear icon at the top of My Classes, then Show Archived Classes.

Find the class you want to unarchive. Click the three-dots opposite the name of the class, then Unarchive Class. This will give you a pop-up confirming your decision. Select Yes to continue.

If there are still students enrolled in the now-unarchived class, those seats will count against your used seat count. To resolve that, you'll need to either archive the class again or drop the students from that class.

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