You can share activities you make with your colleagues or with other instructors who use Pivot Interactives, using the Community Library. You can also search the Community Library for activities to use with your students.

Adding Content to the Community Library

  1. Navigate to the library where you have the activity
  2. Click the three dot menu at the lower left
  3. Select Share to community library
  4. You can stop sharing an activity with the Community Library by selecting Remove from Community Library
  5. If you make changes to a shared activity, those changes will be reflected in the version in the Community Library.
  6. Other users can copy your activity to their library and then make changes to their copy. Their changes will not affect your version.

Add tags to help users find your activities

  1. Open the activity in edit mode.
  2. Add tags to the Author Tags box. You can create your own tags, such as the name of your school, or select from tags that other teachers are using, such as Modeling
When viewing an activity in edit mode, you can share it to the Community Library and add tags so other users can find and use your activity.

Don't forget to Save when you are done editing

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