If you modify an activity or create your own and you'd like to share it with your colleagues or with other instructors who use Pivot Interactives, you can share it with the Community Library. You can also search the Community Library for activities to use with your students.

1. Open the Activity in Edit mode

  1. Find the activity in your library, and open it in edit mode. You can open an activity in edit two ways:
    a. When viewing your library, click Edit below the thumbnail image for the activity
    b. When viewing the activity in Preview, click in the upper right corner I want to... and select Edit.

2. Click to Share and Add tags

  1. Click to check the box labeled Share with Community Library?
  2. Add tags to the Author Tags box. You can create your own tags, such as the name of your school, or select from tags that other teachers are using, such as Modeling

When viewing an activity in edit mode, you can share it to the Community Library and add tags so other users can find and use your activity.

Don't forget to Save when you are done editing

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