Using Pivot Video Player

Playing videos, using the measurement tools, changing the video

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Quick Overview

Pivot Player is the video player in all Pivot Interactives activities. Pivot Player has interactive measurement tools that allow users to make rapid, precise measurements. Here is a quick overview of the features:

  • The question mark (?) or (i) icon in the top left of the video frame has information that describes how to use the player tools.

  • Use the spacebar on your keyboard to play/pause the video.

  • When the video is paused, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate frame-by-frame.

  • Measurement tools are available by clicking the tool icon in the upper right of the video.

  • Using the mouse, you can move, rotate, and scale tools.


Clicking the tools icon on the top right of the video shows what measurement tools are available for this video. Each video has a unique set of tools specific to that learning instance. Click on each tool icon to launch that tool. Depending on the particular video, you can sometimes drag, rotate, or scale a tool image:


Click and drag on the tool to position the tool.

  • To move the tool, use the w, a, s, d keys. You can also hold shift to move the position of the tool in larger increments.

    • W = up

    • A = left

    • S = down

    • D = right

  • To rotate, use q, e.

    • Q = rotate left

    • E = rotate right

  • To scale, use r, f.

    • R = decrease scale

    • F = increase scale


Click the round dot on the box around a tool, then drag the dot to make a tool rotate. Note: Not all tools are rotatable.


Click and drag on a tool to position it.


Some tools can be made larger or smaller by clicking and dragging on a corner.

Change the Video

Some Pivot Interactives videos allow you to change parameters, such as the mass of an object or the angle of a ramp. These videos have a parameter selection panel at the bottom of the video player. Clicking on any part of this panel opens the panel to allow users to change the video. When you've made your selection, press Load to load that video.

Note: Some activities have locked trials. In this case, the parameter selection panel will not have a Change button.

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