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Meet the NEW Grade By Question, thanks to feedback from teachers all over the profession!

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If you've been teaching with Pivot Interactives for a while, you've likely heard of Grade by Question, our preferred method for grading lots of questions quickly!

Let's take a moment to soak in the old view:

We have gotten a lot of feedback about Grade by Question (GBQ) over the years.

  • "It would be nice if I could see how much I've graded."

  • "I wish I see only the questions I need to grade."

  • "It would be cool if I could sort my questions."

Grade by Question suggestions became one of our most common suggestions in the Chat, which means it needed some new updates... With all of that:

Meet the NEW Grade By Question

The New Grade By Question features a ton of updates designed to help you save teacher time.

#1. New Question Selection Landing Page

1 - New question filters

To help you focus on only your immediate "to-dos," we have added three filters to the Grade by Question view:

  1. Show Only Ungraded Questions (DEFAULT VIEW)

    1. As you would expect - this only shows questions that have ungraded questions. If you have graded the entire question, it will disappear from this view.

  2. Show All Gradeable Questions

    1. This shows all questions with a point value assigned. Note: this will show autograded questions and questions that you have fully graded. If it can get a grade, it will be visible in this view.

  3. Show All Components

    1. Nostalgic for the past? This view shows you the old Grade by Question. You will be able to see ALL components, including those that can't be scored (such as video instances and instructions) and questions without point values.

2 - My section doesn't have any questions...?

When you view the new GBQ selection, it may catch you off guard to see a blank section. But fear not! This means the section ONLY contains autograded or ungradeable components. Nothing to grade hear now means "nothing to see here."

3 - Grading Status

One of the MOST anticipated changes: you can now see how much of a question you have graded!

This will show you the percentage graded as a number AND as a wheel. Once you have started grading, anything that does not have a numbered score associated with it will be marked as "ungraded."

In this example, there is a question that a student left blank - so the score was left blank. This means that the question is "ungraded." If you enter any score into the question, it will appear as though it was graded.

Pro Tip: Plan on requesting revisions? Don't enter a score! These questions will stay visible in the "ungraded" view so that you can quickly find them again in the future.

#2. New Grading Page

1 - New Response Filters

At the top of the grading view, you will now see a new filter that will allow you to hone in on your most needed work: the ungraded responses.

  1. Show All Gradeable Responses (DEFAULT)

    1. This shows all student work, graded or not.

  2. Show Only Ungraded Responses

    1. This shows only student work that does not have a score. Use this as a way to filter out those "done" responses from your To Do list!

2 - New Saved Icons

When you grade work, you need to know what is done and what needs your attention. To help with this, we introduced some new banners:

Unsaved Changes

When you open the Grade by Question view, we prefill the score for attempted responses. When this is done for the first time OR you make any changes to the score or feedback, the student banner will read Unsaved Changes. Once you save your progress...

Saved - Graded X of X

You'll see this Saved bar to inform you that your last save updated this question. If you have multiple questions in your grading view, this will track how many of those questions you have graded for that student.

Missing X Answer(s)

When a student leaves a question blank, we now inform you that these questions are missing a response. We do not prefill a score on these, so it's safe to ignore them until they have entered a score.

3 - Feedback

To conserve scrolling time, we have hidden the feedback. By default, questions now only have feedback shown if you add it. To add feedback, click the +Add Feedback button to unlock the new text editor. You can add text, images, links, formulas, PDFs, tables, and more!

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