Updates - 22 March 2023
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Big Things

The Hunt Begins!

There was a secret new question type released today in alpha testing. You can see it in this activity. Can you find the new question type??? If you test it out, let us know how it goes!

Table Statistics Options

With the launch of table statistics, we have also launched the ability to control those settings.

For any table statistic (which is turned on in the Editor), you can now click the three dots to the right of the number to edit this value.

  • Numbers can be displayed:

    • In Scientific Notation

    • As decimals

    • To a specific number of significant figures

  • You can specify the decimal places or the number of sig figs in the drop down provided.

When you create the graph in the editor, these fields will be preserved for students as well.

Little Things

Student blank states

If a student logs in and has no courses, the student will now be directed to join a class.

This will really only affect students who joined Pivot Interactives in a previous year and have since had their class archived. Students cannot sign up for Pivot Interactives access without a class code.

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