Updates - 14 December 2022
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With one of our last pushes until the holiday break, we wanted to gift you with some awesome (and heavily requested) quality-of-life updates!!

Big Things

  1. You can now copy and paste into a Pivot Interactives table from a spreadsheet. (This update is so big that it got its own article.)

  2. Anyone remembers December 2020 when we took away the colored dots? (We do... We still remember the chats. Promise: we do listen to your feedback!!)

Well, this December, we decided to give you even MORE COLOR!

Now on the Scores page, you will notice highlighted activities:

  • Green activities are in Final Grade. Pat yourself on the back! Those puppies are DONE!!!

  • Yellow activities are activities with new student edits.

  • White activities are activities for which you have seen all edits - the student doesn't have any new updates for you.

Little Things

  1. Filters in the Library now have close buttons.

  2. You can now expand and collapse menu items by clicking on the title. No longer must you click on that arrow!

  3. Scrolling in a table cell no longer changes the number in the cell.

  4. Grader permissions have been updated to ensure that graders can only grade activities and modify activity parameters.

Please continue to send new ideas for the platform to our chat! We love hearing what would make Pivot Interactives a better experience for you.

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