Updates - 16 November 2022
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Big Things

New Column Formulas

  • exp: Exponential Function (natural e)

  • abs: Absolute Value

  • pi: the mathematical number pi

Video Titles

Video instances can be titled. Enter a dynamic title of your choosing in the new Title box in the Editor.

When you view the activity, the video will include your new title above it.

Little Things

  • Variables are now dynamic: if you edit a variable for a live activity, this will push out to your students. To learn more about collections and variables, check out our article on Collection Variables.

    • As a note: This will not "reroll" a variable. However, if you change a variable, it will display that new one. For example, say you have a set of colors: red, yellow, blue. You decide to change "blue" to "orange." Anyone who was previously assigned "blue" will now be assigned "orange." All other work and variables will be left the same.

  • When selecting questions in Grade by Question view, you can collapse the questions to make scrolling easier. Click Toggle All Questions in Section to collapse the section questions.

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