Updates - 26 January 2022
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Big Things

  • Cookies aren't just for eating - they're for your internet too. Learn more about how Pivot Interactives uses cookies, and how you can manage them, in this Help Center article.

Little Things

These are all in the Activity Editor as part of our design efforts with the editor.

  • We realize that working in the editor, you may have a lot going on. Answers - an really good ones too - can have a lot of parts. That's why you can now collapse the answers in the editor.

Here's what that looks like:

You start in a collapsed view. Then, when you need to expand it, just click on the component's title to open it wide up!

  • When you delete a component in the editor, you will now receive a confirmation modal:

  • When you're in the Editor, the tabs now look more ... tab-ish.

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