Big Things

Video Instance Parameters

Video Instances - the heart of Pivot Interactives - have always been our most powerful component... on the back end. But when it came to setting them up, we haven't always had a ton of options. Now, we do:

When you select an instance, you can now choose how each variable in the video instance is selected.

  1. Student Selected: This is the classic version. Students can set the variable to any of the options provided.

  2. Variable: You can randomize this. Select a variable that you made to randomize this for the student. (Note: for text-based variables, like "Trial 1," the text in the variable must be an exact match to the text in the video instance.

  3. Preselected: you can lock in one variable for everyone to use.

Little Things

  • When a person is invited to a license, you can now set their role before you invite them.

  • We now store the Last Action from an instructor on the Admin Usage Dashboard.

  • Variables can now be deleted.

  • The IRIS tool got some changes to how it calculates colors.

  • Our text editor now runs in TipTap.

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