Updates - 10 August 2022
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Several Big Things in this Update:

Numeric Question Answer Key

We heard your feedback - grading numeric questions (especially random numeric questions) can be difficult. So, we changed how the answers are displayed for Numeric questions.

Now, when you click Show Answers and Notes, we will display all of the possible correct answers for a question, along with the acceptable range for those answers.

Wanna test an answer? Type it into the box! As you do, the Correct Answer widget will check your answer. If it falls into the acceptable range, a green check will appear, letting you know that it will mark the answer correct!

Renaming Hint Text

When editing a gradable question, you can now add a hint and change the name of that hint.

An example: say I want to prompt the students to use the pH scale. I may include a hint like this:

Here's what that looks like in the editor:

  • I added an image to the Hint text.

  • I changed the Hint Prompt to "What is the pH scale?"

  • I made it initially hidden so that the students have to click on the prompt in order to see the scale.

Teacher dashboard: License info widget

Cut and Paste Collection Variables

We recently added Collection variables, and as soon as we did, we knew we would use this a lot. Often, when we write collection variables, we include calculations that we do in spreadsheets (especially stuff that comes from the lab!).

To aid in this, we now have the ability to cut and paste data into a collection variable:

When you do this:

  • It will paste the data row by row. If you don't have enough data, it will repeat for all highlighted cells.

  • If you are copying over calculated data, it will paste the number - not the equation.

  • This will not affect the title of the column and you cannot copy/paste the title of the column.

  • This will not work with images: numbers and text only.

Hide instance parameter values from student

Take a look at this picture:

Simple enough: it's one of our video instances. But, here's the cool part. That's a random instance. And, that trial number is hidden from the students. Watch what happens when I refresh the instructor preview (and therefore become a "new student" in a sense):

Yeah. I have a whole new video. And the trial number is NOT SHOWING. (Oh no... how will I ever google the answers now?!?!)

Video Instance components now have an edit option to Show students this value.

You can uncheck this box when the trial is set to a variable OR is preselected. If the student is selecting the trial, you cannot hide the value.

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