Updates - 24 August 2022
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Big Things

Warning and improved messaging for locked sections

We've all seen it. Our students "accidentally" lock a section without completing a question. Then, they come to you to unlock it. Now, we've made that mistake a little harder to make.

When a student clicks "Lock Answer and Continue," if they have unanswered questions, one of two things will happen:

  1. A prompt (seen above) will show up, letting them know that they are not done. Notice it says: "If you lock this section, you will not be able to go back and work on these questions. Are you sure you want to lock the section and continue?"

    Will they still click Yes without thinking? Maybe. But, hopefully not.

  2. The Lock Answers and Continue button will be inaccessible if there are questions in later sections that depend on correct answers in the current section. These dependent questions are listed to the left of the Lock button.

Onboarding status widget

We have added a new widget to the User Dashboard: Onboarding. This widget is designed to help you get all of your onboarding tasks completed each year. Some notes:

  1. It updates on 1 August annually. You will need to complete your set up each year.

  2. If you get stuck, click the Action button (in this case, Assign an Activity) to get started on your next task.

  3. If you need help completing a task, click Show Me How to launch a guided walkthrough. (Note: You need to enable performance and functional cookies in order for this to work. The switch for this is in the Cookie Settings at the bottom of the app.)

Little Things

  • Updates were made to the assignment scores page and how we calculate times and percentages complete.

  • You can now insert variable expressions in editor.

  • Our tab headers had some slight design changes.

  • The print view of Quotes has been modified to make them look nicer (and take up less paper). #trees

  • We now display the auto drop date info on the Class and Roster page for a course.

  • When a question is randomized, we include an explainer text on how to find a specific student's answer.

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