Updates - 5 October 2022
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Big Things

Filters for assignment scores view

Kinda self-explanatory... Sometimes, you don't want to see everyone. Now, you don't have to. We have five new filters to make the Scores page even easier to work with!

  1. Show Only Not Started - Great for finding who needs a nudge to get going!

  2. Show Only In Progress - Need to know who's still working? This is the filter for you!

  3. Show Only Submitted - When you're grading, you often only want to grade those who are done. This filter is the one for you!

  4. Show Only Pending Revisions - Once you have Requested Revisions on an activity, it's important to know who is actually doing the work. Pending revisions are students who have not started on their revisions.

  5. Show Only Final Grade - Ready to type these into your grade book because you don't have an LTI connection? These are your graded papers, ready to be entered.

Image resize in editor

Ever looked at an image and wanted it to be just a little bigger or smaller? Now you can do that in the editor.

  • Open the activity in the Editor. (Can't edit? Don't forget to make your own copy first.)

  • Click on the image. A small white box will appear in the bottom right corner.

  • Drag the box to resize your image! The image preview is true to size.

Little Things

  • Tweaks to License Dashboard text

  • New tools will be coming soon in IRIS! (Our content developers have access to two new IRIS tools.)

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