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Admin FAQ: Who should be an admin on a license?
Admin FAQ: Who should be an admin on a license?

There are two types of users: admins and members. Learn more about those roles here.

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#1. What are the member types on a license?

There are two roles on a license: a member and an admin.

  • Members can create classes, invite students, assign and grade student work, as well as modify and build activities.

  • Admins can do all of the same things as a member, but the can also:

    • Invite other teachers and admins to the license

    • Configure rostering

    • Request Professional Development and Success meetings

    • Request curriculum support

    • View and schedule renewals

To view your member list, you must be an admin. You can view, change, and remove member access on your Manage License page.

#2. Who should be an admin on a license?

An admin is anyone who should have control over ALL of the other teachers on your license. All admins have equal access. As a starting point, we suggest:

  • Science/STEM Coordinators: Your leader for your science product should be a science person! If ever possible, include your science coordinator - they'll LOVE Pivot.

  • IT/Tech Directors: Your IT Department will need to access Pivot Interactives for LMS and/or rostering set-up. We recommend giving them access.

  • Curriculum Leads + Mentors: Usage increases when teachers know when to use a resource - add Pivot Interactives to your district curriculum maps!

  • Department Chairs: Dept. chairs often work with the day to day teachers - and are teachers themselves. They will have the best handle on staffing changes and day-to-day maintenance within their building.

Note: Your purchasing team does not need access. While you cannot generate a renewal quote without an admin account, you can view and pay quotes without an account. To save your purchasing department the headache (and emails), leave them off of the license.

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