FAQ: My IT Department gave me a Deployment ID. Now what?

Once your Schoology Staff sent you the Deployment ID, you can complete the installation of Pivot Interactives with your course. Here's how.

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Connect Pivot Interactives to Schoology.

NOTE: If you're a Schoology Administrator and not an instructor that will be using Pivot Interactives, then you'll need to have your school's Pivot Interactives License Administrator add you to the license so that you can create an account. You can also email support@pivotinteractives.com to expedite this. There is no cost associated with creating this account.

  1. Log into Pivot Interactives.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Click LTI.

  4. Click Other Platform.

  5. Click Step 2: Configure Your Platform in Pivot Interactives.

  6. Enter the following information, then click Register:






Your school's Schoology URL without the https://

Client ID

(Deployment ID provide by your IT department)

OpenID Connect URL

OAuth Token URL

Key Type



Pivot Interactives is now connected to your school's Schoology installation!

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