Schoology/LTI Integration: Email to Schoology Admin

Here's the text of an email to ask your Schoology Admin to setup Pivot Interactives and Schoology.

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If you are an instructor who uses Pivot Interactives and would like to begin using your Schoology LMS together with Pivot Interactives, you'll need to work with your institution's Schoology administrator. To help you with this process, here's sample text you can send in an email to your Schoology admin to help make the process smooth:

Dear [Schoology Administrator],

I'd like to ask for your help. Pivot Interactives is an app I use for my teaching and they have LTI 1.3 compatibility that we can use to connect Schoology to Pivot Interactives. This will make it easier for my students and me to use Pivot Interactives.

I need you to do the first step, adding Pivot Interactives as an app to our Schoology installation. They've written instructions that you can find here.

Once you have completed this, please send me the Deployment ID, a 14-20 digit number I'll use to add the Pivot Interactives app to my course. The next step requires that I log into Pivot Interactives, so once you send me the Client ID, I will take it from there and complete the process.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the people at Pivot Interactives:

Thank you for helping me with this. I appreciate your effort and expertise.

All the best,
[your name here]

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