Pivot Interactives now offers a standing purchase order (SPO) model for colleges looking to use our platform in their courses. This more flexible model meets the various needs and challenges of colleges and universities, allowing you more accurate billing, saving customers money each term.


  1. What is a Standing Purchase Order (SPO)?

  2. What are the limits and conditions of an SPO?

  3. How do I start an SPO with Pivot Interactives?

What is a Standing Purchase Order (SPO)?

A Standing Purchase Order (SPO) is a highly flexible purchase model where the guess work of enrollment is removed. Unlike our prepaid institutional model, a SPO allows you to pay based on use.

When you start an SPO, you set an upper limit on your semester usage. Then, you just enroll your students. Once the student enrollment period is over, we will bill you for your usage up to your term limit. The SPO model takes the guesswork out of fluctuating college enrollment.

Example: Say you set your upper term limit to 100. In the Fall, you enroll 73 students. You would receive a bill for 73 students in the fall term. Then, in the spring, you enroll 102 students. You would receive a bill for 100 students and we would contact you about the overage.

An SPO lasts as long as you want it to, with you having the control to set the SPO lengths and limits. This means you can do less paperwork and focus more on having a great science course.

What are the limits and conditions of an SPO?

By using a Standing Purchase Order (SPO), you agree to the following terms:

  1. Academic terms are billed as follows:

    1. College: Billed in terms to match your school’s published calendar cycle (3-term, 4-term, A/B term lengths, or custom lengths up to 135 days), with billing set to occur after the drop/add date. You will include your approximate term dates with your SPO form when you register.

  2. During your billing month, your account will be checked on a random day for usage. You will be billed for the usage on that day.

  3. Once your bill has been sent, your account will have an updated seat limit to match your usage at billing and you will receive a bill for services. Volume discounts will apply if applicable.

  4. It is the responsibility of the instructor to archive expired courses and drop unnecessary students. Adjustments will not be made to billing amounts due to clerical errors by staff. Please remind your instructors of this fact during your billing month.

  5. In the event that your account goes into overages, you will be responsible for additional overages and will be billed using this standing order up to your max seat limit as set in this order. Overages past this amount will follow our overages policies.

  6. Payment terms are NET 30 from the receipt of the invoice.

  7. SPOs cannot be used by institutions to purchase bookstore codes; these are only applicable for licenses.

How do I start a SPO with Pivot Interactives?

To start an SPO, you will need:

  1. A completed the Standing Purchase Order (SPO) form. To obtain an SPO form, please contact us at info@pivotinteractives.com OR by messaging us in the chat bubble.

  2. A blank PO or a PO signifying that it will be used for the SPO. We will use this PO number when invoicing your institution.

  3. A copy of your tax-exempt documentation, if applicable. If your institution's purchase order includes your tax-exempt statement, this is not needed.

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