Bookstore Code Refund Policy

How can I get a refund for bookstore codes?

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This policy is ONLY for bookstore codes and can only be initiated by the institution that purchased from us. There are no refunds for Institutional License purchases.

Students: You can learn about our refund policy here.

Your institution may receive a full refund for Bookstore codes under the following conditions:

  • One or more codes on the order are unredeemed, meaning that a student has not used them to join a Pivot Interactives class.

  • You will only receive a refund for the unredeemed codes.

  • The purchase was made no more than 60 days ago.

  • Your institution's invoice has been paid in-full.

Once a refund is processed, all unredeemed seats on the order will be invalidated.

Please send refund requests to Include an invoice number for the original purchase to expedite processing.

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