As of November 11, 2021, Pivot Interactives transitioned to it its new site license purchasing model, and individual seats are no longer available for sale at Vernier or any other vendor.

I'm using individual seats and I need to purchase more seats to accommodate additional students in my classes. What do I do?

Please contact our support team at, or by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right corner. We will convert your current individual seats into a site license (starting on the day of your last activated seats) and you will then be able to add seats to your account through our online store. Your site license will have the same duration as the last seats you activated (365 days for high school seats, one term for college seats).

When you add seats to a license through our online store, the per seat cost is pro-rated according to remaining time left of your license. This means adding additional seats to your account will cost less than it has previously. Orders placed on our store are also fulfilled instantly upon the completion of payment.

I still have unactivated individual seats from a previous purchase with Vernier on account. What should I do?

This is fine. Users can continue to activate and use individual seats from a purchase code in the future. Unactivated seats never expire. If you wish, we are happy to convert some or all your remaining unactivated individual seats to a site license, which which would allow you to add additional instructors to your license to use Pivot Interactives, and more easily purchase additional seats for your license from our online store.

Can I still purchase site licenses (flex licenses) from Vernier?

Yes, Vernier will continue to sell site licenses on their store, which are identical to the site licenses sold on our online store.

You can read more about site licenses and our online store here.

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