Welcome to the Pivot Interactives Academy (PIA)!

PIA is our new training portal, an added bonus of your subscription to Pivot Interactives. In PIA, you will find your onboarding training for Pivot Interactives. This is the first course we are offering, but we have dozens more in store by the end of the year.

Check out PIA Now!

How do I access PIA?

All instructor members of Pivot Interactives have been granted access to PIA. To get started, simply go to "academy.pivotinteractives.com" and click "Login With Pivot Interactives."

If you are already logged in to Pivot Interactives, you will be brought right into the Academy! If not, you will be prompted to log in. Once you log in, click "View Course" to get started.

How long will I have access to PIA?

Members have access to the Academy for the length of their Pivot Interactives subscription.

Will there still be live webinars?!

​Yes. We will still offer live sessions throughout the year. Over the summer, we heard repeatedly that live sessions did not meet the needs of our teachers. So, to make learning more accessible, we will offer self-paced interactive courses for every professional development opportunity. This will increase access to our learning environment for all teachers. Because we are moving most of our "regular" sessions, like the intro course, to PIA, we will have MORE time for live webinars! You will continue to see live webinar invites throughout the year.

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