You can now purchase a subscription directly from the Pivot Interactives store. Purchasing from our store, either individually or for a group of instructors, follows our License subscription model. When purchasing a License from the Pivot Interactives store:

  • An active License lasts for 365 days for high school and 1 term for college.

  • No activation of seats is required. Seats are active instantly upon purchase.

  • Other instructors may be added to your License.

  • As long as the seat total for all instructors on the License is less than or equal to the seats purchased for that License, all accounts will remain active.

  • A License must have at least 10 seats purchased to remain active.

  • Purchases are pro-rated based on the end date of the License. For example, if you're half-way through your subscription and make an additional purchase, that purchase will be 50% off.

  • All seats on a License expire on the License end date. Seats do not roll over.

May I still purchase a subscription from Vernier?

Absolutely! However, for maximum ease and flexibility, we recommend you make future purchases from our store.

What about my current subscription?

No current subscriptions are affected in any way. Any past purchases and quotes from Vernier are still 100% valid. If you have unactivated seats and would like to convert them into a License, please send an email to support@pivotinteractives.com.

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