Software Release 9 June 2021

Updates to Pivot Interactives for 6/9/2021

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  • NEW FEATURE ALERT! The Numerical Question component is LIVE! The Numerical Question component is a new feature within Pivot Interactives that allows instructors to:

    • Give questions that require students to answer with a number.

    • Define an answer using an Answer Formula that evaluates the student's response and automatically grades it.

    Instructors can manually input values such that all students see the same values and all have the same correct answers. For example, instructors could ask What is 3 + 2?, and all students would need to answer 5 for the question to be marked as correct.

    Additionally, instructors can define variables such that each student would see a randomized, different set of values and, thus, would have different correct answers depending on the student. One student would see What is 4 + 1? with a correct answer of 5, but another student could see What is 10 + 42? with a correct answer of 52. Read more on this new feature here.

  • New sticky header when editing an activity.

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