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Updates to Pivot Interactives
Software release 29 April 2021
Software release 29 April 2021
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Improved Visibility of Grade and Comments

We've made it even easier for teachers and students to see their scores and comments when grading or viewing activities. The two elements are now presented side by side in a box highlighted in gray.

License Invites

Now, when a license admin adds a teacher to a site license, the invited teacher will get an email to accept the invitation rather than automatically be added to a license. When you invite a teacher, they will now show up on the license page as pending until the invited teacher accepts the license.

Improved Activity Search Interface Incorporating Filter "Chips"

Now, the currently applied filters in the activity search appear as "chips" just below the search header. To remove a single filter, you can either uncheck the checkbox of that filter s or click on the x next to the chip. To remove all the filters, click Clear Filters.

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