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Updates to Pivot Interactives
Software release: 22 April 2021
Software release: 22 April 2021

Updates to Pivot Interactives for 4/22/2021

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New Activity Search

Now when viewing activities, a "sticky header" will appear at the top of the screen to allow you to select libraries, filter by categories, and search by keywords.

How to select a library to search

Your personal and shared libraries are now listed under the dropdown menu My Libraries. You can also select the Pivot Interactives Library, or the Community Library, a collection of activities that community members have chosen to share.

How to filter activities by categories

The ability to filter activities by category (subject, level of scaffolding, instructional purpose, etc.) remains the same as it was previously, but you will now see the currently applied filter criteria listed just below the sticky header.

How to filter by specific search terms

We've redesigned the search bar that allows you to search by activity titles, descriptions, and tags. To add a text-based search, simply click the search (magnifying glass icon) in the sticky header and type in the terms of your search. When the search is active, this search icon will switch to a "X" icon, and clicking this icon will remove your current search.

Bugfix to grading with Canvas

Now, when you grade assignments after the due date in Canvas, those assignments won't automatically be marked as late.

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