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Grader FAQ: My account is "inactive." What do I do?
Grader FAQ: My account is "inactive." What do I do?

You received an email that says your account is "inactive." This will not affect your ability to grade.

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As a grader, you may notice that your account status is "inactive." This may be seen on your login page, or you may receive an email with this information.

Even with an inactive account, you are still able to do everything like normal. "Inactive" means that you have not had student accounts linked with your teaching account for a period of 90 days or more. It only matters for head instructor accounts.

You will still be able to grade and view activities like normal.

#1: To view your assignments for the course you are grading, click on "My Classes" at the top of your page.

#2: To view a course you are grading, click on the class's name on your My Classes list.

#3: To preview an assignment or grade an assignment, click on the assignment's name on the course page.

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