If you work at two different schools, you should have two separate Pivot Interactives accounts. Issues can arise when you have only one account for two separate institutions; this can be problematic if one of your institutions creates a site license for you to join since that account has two separate student bodies in it.

How do I make a second account?

To create a new teacher account, you can request a trial with your secondary professional email, and we will issue you a second account for that school. In this account, you can add seats or create student pay courses.

What if I buy seat codes myself? Can I share those among the two accounts?

Yes. You can split your list of seats however you want by activating only the seats you need when using the purchase code. Enter the purchase code by going to Accounts --> Seats. This will show you the available seats on that code. Activate only what you need for that account and use the same code again on the other account.

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