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Updates to Pivot Interactives
Software Release: 4 February 2021
Software Release: 4 February 2021

Updates to Pivot Interactives for 2/4/2021

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  • An email notification will be sent out to all members on a License when that License has been renewed.

  • Correlation coefficients will now appear on all curve fits.

  • Data table inputs will remain exactly as typed by the user. Prior to now, if 10.00 was entered, the table would change it automatically to 10. This was changed to better facilitate using significant figures. See this help article more on how to set a data column to a specific number of significant figures. Additionally, see this article on how column formulas handle significant figures.

  • When setting an assignment to Request Revisions, instructors will be prompted with whether or not they'd also like to unlock sections within that assignment.

  • The Last Change By column when grading by student will now only show when the student last updated.

  • The Notes field has been renamed to Instructor Notes within the activity editor.


  • If an activity has no points for any of the questions within it, students will see this labeled as No score.

  • Fixed a bug that was disabling access copy activities in the Community Library when the original creator's account when inactive.

  • Temporarily removed a "You may not meet minimum systems requirements" notification until we resolve why some users were getting it despite meeting minimum requirements.

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