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Updates to Pivot Interactives
Software Release: 21 January 2021
Software Release: 21 January 2021

Updates to Pivot Interactives for 1/21/2021.

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  • Instructors can transfer students to other Pivot Interactives classes using the class key for the destination class. Read more about this in our help article.

  • When a License goes inactive, all instructor accounts on that License will receive Limited status. Limited status allows an instructor full access to all libraries, activities, and class functions but prevents students from accessing classes and assignments. Once a License is renewed, all instructor accounts will move back to Active status.

  • Like classes, Licenses can now have a defined level (College or High School) and Payment Type (Institution Pay or Student Pay). Classes created by instructors under a License will automatically inherit these settings.

  • Better communication to students when they try to edit work in a locked section or in an assignment that's been submitted.

  • Instructors who's License goes inactive will be notified on their Dashboard.

  • iFrame URLs are validated to use https.

  • Minor bugs fixed in the Pivot video player.

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