Software Release: 12 Jan 2021
Updates to Pivot Interactives for 1/12/2021
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There are two main new features in this release:

  1. Assignment Submit and Status
    Students will now see a button to submit an assignment when they are finished with it. Once an assignment is submitted, students cannot make revisions. Instructors can grade or make comments, and then have the option of returning the assignment to the student for revision, or submitting a final grade. Updated grade status will be relayed to the LMS, and visible in the instructor's Scores view for the assignment. Here are updated help articles::
    - Updated student instructions
    - Updated instructions on grading by student
    - Updated instructions on grade by question
    - How to un-submit an assignment after a student submits it

  2. Custom Libraries
    Instructors can now make their own libraries and share access to their libraries with other instructors. You can use this both to organize your content and to form collaborative communities within Pivot Interactives. The library pages look different now and the way you navigate libraries is smoother and more flexible. (read more)

There are other smaller changes:

  • The workflow for assigning activities from the My Classes page allows you to browse libraries rather than pick from a list.

  • Users can click and drag on the graph to include/exclude which data points are included in the curve fit.

  • The Libraries pages are re-arranged and loads faster than before.

  • The top-level menu Libraries has been changed to Activities. The different libraries have been moved to the left-hand side of the screen as shown below.

All of these features are prompted by input from you, the community of Pivot Interactives users. Thanks for your input! We hope you find these new features useful.

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