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Updates to Pivot Interactives
Software Release: December 31, 2020
Software Release: December 31, 2020
Updates to Pivot Interactives for 12/31/2020
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We've got several new features and bug fixes in this release.

  • Additional roles and subjects for non-student accounts. These will help us tailor relevant our communication with you.

  • Site License has been renamed to just License.

  • When grading by student, sections are automatically expanded instead of you having to click to expand each time. This will make grading faster and is one improvement in a series of many new enhancements to our grading work-flow.

  • Column formulas now have a square-root button instead of having to raise something to the 1/2 power.

  • Table data can now be reset. Note that this option will NOT appear to an instructor doing an assignment in Preview mode. It will only appear to students working on the assignment. (more)

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