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Admin FAQ: Transferring Teacher Accounts
Admin FAQ: Transferring Teacher Accounts

How to give a new teacher your Pivot Interactives account

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For a myriad of reasons, teachers sometimes need to transfer accounts. The process for this is different is based on the type of account you have.

Note: This process is permanent; this should only be done if all other options are not accessible. This is NOT the process for adding a co-teacher or a grader. This should not be done in the event of a short-term replacement.

If you are registered in a license, you do not need to "transfer" the seats in order for the new teacher to gain access to seats. Instead, you simply need to be removed from the license for those seats to go back to the license.

This will not transfer the course work; the new user will need to create their own account and add the students to their own class. If you wish to transfer the work to the new teacher, use the process listed above for "If you have an individual account."

Note: this needs to be done by someone who is listed as an Admin within your Pivot Interactives license.

Within the license admin's Pivot Interactives account, click Account, then click License.

On the Manage License page, the license admin has the ability to add and remove members from the license. Notice at the beginning, the license is counting the seat used by the "Linda Site" user. In the admin account, click Remove next to the teacher account that you wish to remove.

You will receive a pop-up notification confirming that you selected the account you wish to remove. The account will not be removed until you click Yes.

The teacher will receive a confirmation email when the removal is completed. Once the teacher is removed, the Seats Used will decrease, as shown below, and those teacher's seats will be added back to the license. The original teacher will still retain access to these assignments, but they will not have active seats; they will be unable to assign work to the students. The new teacher can be added to the license by clicking the +Add Instructors or Admins button. This new teacher will need to set up their own classes.

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