It can be very frustrating to learn that a student has completed an assignment, but you cannot view it. We take student data very seriously: it's essential that students' work be saved. In the last year, we have had no examples of lost student data, even with millions of saved responses.

Typically, what appears to be lost work is caused by one of two things:

There is a duplicate assignment.

When assigning work, sometimes an activity may be assigned to a class twice. Then the student can complete one of the assignments, but if you open up the other instance of the same assignment it will be blank. To see if this has happened, go to your My Classes page and look at the course in question. If you have a duplicate assignment, it will appear twice in the assignment list.

To remove the duplicate assignment, click on the three blue dots to the right of the assignment, then select "stop responses." When you do that, the duplicate will automatically stop accepting student work.

To remove this assignment, you will then need to open the three dots again and click "Delete." You will receive a notification confirming your selection. Selecting "Yes" will permanently delete the duplicate activity.

Note: Before you delete an assignment, check to ensure that students did not complete work in the duplicate. If they did, you would lose access to their work if you delete the assignment.

The student has multiple accounts

Another common reason teachers cannot see the assignment is that the student has a duplicate account. Then if the student completes work in one account and you open up the assignment associated with the other account it will be blank. To see who is enrolled in your class, check your roster. You can do this by clicking on the name of the class on the My Classes page and then on the View Class & Roster button in the upper right corner of the screen.

From here, you will see a list of your students under the Students list. To remove an extra student, select "Drop" next to the duplicate student. This will prevent them from completing additional work on that account.

If work was completed in a dropped account, you can view it. Simply click on the student's name in the Dropped Students list and you will see a list of their assignments. You will be able to grade this work in a "Grade by Student" view. However, these grades will not sync with learning management systems nor will they sync with the other assignment.

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