• Each teacher account must have at least 10 activated seats even if the teacher does not enroll students in all 10 seats.

  • If a school makes a bulk purchase and distributes those seats to individual teachers, each teacher will still need to have at least 10 activated seats on their account even if they don't enroll students in all 10 seats.

  • The 10 seats don't need to be filled with students from a single class.

  • This applies to student-paid classes as well. At least 10 student-pay seats must be purchased regardless of how many students the teacher has.

All activated seats expire after 365 days (high school) or 1 term (college) regardless of whether or not they have ever been filled with an enrolled student.

This policy does not affect institutions operating under a license. Individual teachers on their institution's license can have as few students in a class as they'd like as long as the other requirements for maintaining the license are met. Read more about licenses here.

Think of the 10 activated-seat minimum as the baseline cost to have access to hundreds of videos and activities, thousands if you include those developed by teachers within our Community Library, allowing your students to experience laboratory science in ways that may not have been possible otherwise. Thousands of dollars in lab equipment, hours of equipment troubleshooting and student frustration, all are consistent barriers to students experiencing the full range of laboratory science, and those problems simply go away with Pivot Interactives. This 10 seat minimum provides us the resources we need to continue to offer and improve upon this affordable service to teachers and students all around the world.

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