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FAQ: Common Issues Once You've Connected Canvas to Pivot Interactives
FAQ: Common Issues Once You've Connected Canvas to Pivot Interactives

Answers to the most common questions by instructors with using Canvas and Pivot Interactives

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Only some of my students' grades are syncing with Canvas.

This happens when a student's Canvas account hasn't been linked with their Pivot account. Have the student access any Pivot Assignment through Canvas, and that will initialize the connection between their accounts.

For the newly-connected students, you will then need to go to their response in Pivot (either through Canvas or the Pivot website), and then click Save at the bottom of their response. This will tell Pivot to send the grade over to Canvas.

I'm using the Student View feature in Canvas to see a Pivot assignment, but it keeps taking me to the grading screen.

While there is a way for you to see an assignment in Pivot the way that a student would see it, this function isn't activated by Canvas' Student View feature. To see what a student would see, log in to your Pivot Interactives account and access your library by clicking Libraries and then My Library. Next to the activity, click Preview.

When your students access the assignment through Canvas, they will see what you see while in the preview mode.

I have multiple sections within a single Canvas course/I have multiple Canvas courses. What's the best way to set up my connections to Pivot?

What happens when the points in an assignment for Pivot don't match the points for the corresponding assignment in Canvas?

As an example, let's say you have an assignment in Pivot that's out of 10 points. In Canvas, you create an assignment, set it out of 20 points, and then linked it to the assignment in Pivot. If a student is given a grade of 8/10 in the Pivot assignment, when the grade gets passed to Canvas, the points will be converted to match the same percentage as they were in the Pivot assignment. In this case, the grade in Canvas would be 16/20.

Since I can't set due dates in Pivot, will that create an issue if I set a due date for a corresponding assignment in Canvas?

Not at all!

If I change an assignment in Pivot after it's already been assigned to students, will my students see the updated or the original version?

Students will always see the updated version of an assignment no matter what.

How do I disconnect a class in Pivot from my Canvas course?

For now, you will need to contact us using the chat bubble on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. We will need the class key for the Pivot class that you would like disconnected. We will let you know there once the disconnection happens.

A student has connected their Canvas account to their Pivot account, but they're now in the wrong class in Pivot.

This most commonly occurs when a student is moved into a different course in Canvas because they have a different instructor, have moved to a different section with the same instructor, etc. Please keep in mind, however, that the Canvas-Pivot integration does not include the ability for one class in Pivot to have multiple connections to a single course in Canvas, even if students are separated into different sections. See our help article on this issue.

  1. Contact us so that we can disconnect the student's Canvas account from their Pivot account. We will need the email address the student uses for their Pivot account.

  2. Drop the student from your class in Pivot. From here until we disconnect the student's Pivot and Canvas accounts, a student will receive an error if they try to access Pivot assignments through Canvas.

  3. Once we've confirmed to you that the student's accounts have been disconnected, have them access a Pivot assignment through Canvas.

  4. From Canvas, the student will be prompted to log into their Pivot account and asked if they'd like to connect their Canvas and Pivot accounts.

I've closed an assignment in Canvas, but students are still able to change their work on the Pivot assignment.

Closing an assignment in Canvas doesn't automatically close an assignment in Pivot, so you'll need to do that manually.

While grading an assignment in Pivot, are comments made there passed over to Canvas?


Can I use Speedgrader in Canvas to grade Pivot assignments?

The Pivot-Canvas connection does not currently support the Speedgrader function. There's an indirect way to do this, however. You can have your students turn their work into a PDF file and then have them upload that file to the Canvas assignment. That PDF will then show up within Speedgrader.

The downside here is that the assignment in Canvas cannot be linked to the assignment in Pivot. If it is, your students won't have an option to upload any documents.

My school links our students' Canvas accounts automatically to all of their other accounts so that they only ever have a single login. Can we do this with Pivot too?

Unfortunately that is not a feature that is currently available. Students will need to create their own account in Pivot and link that to their Canvas account. However, once that link is made, students won't need to continue to log into their Pivot account.

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