As a license administrator, you can:

Joining a Site License

You'll receive an email that looks like one of these:

You'll click to either create a new Pivot Interactives account and then log in, or if you already have an account, simply log in.

The Admin Panel

To access the admin panel:

  • Go to, or

  • Click on Account --> License

On the License page, you are given an overview of valuable license information:

You can see:

  • The name of your license, which you can update at any time.

  • Your seat limit, as well as the current number of seats being used

  • The start and end dates of your current license

  • The status of your license:

    • Active: Your account is active and available for your teachers

    • Inactive: Your account has expired.

  • The type of license:

    • Institution: The institution has purchased seats for the students.

    • Student: The students pay for their own seats

    • Trial: a limited institution-pay account lasting 30 days

  • The grade level of your license.

Managing Your Instructors

Instructors appear on your license in several ways.

  1. An instructor who has activated their account will appear with a name in the Name column. An instructor who has NOT activated their account will appear as Pending.

  2. Seats are connected to an individual instructor. To see how many seats an instructor is using, look at the "Seats Used" column.

  3. To remove a teacher from a license, click the Remove button on the right side of the Members list.

  4. To change the role of a member, click the dropdown menu under the Role column. Instructors on a license can be members or admins.

  5. If a member is added to a license, but already has an existing account, they will show up in the Invitation list. These instructors will not gain access to the license until they accept this invitation.

Inviting Instructors or Admins

  • click +Add Instructors or Admins

  • Enter the email addresses of the instructors, each on a separate line

  • When you click Add, an email will automatically be sent to the instructor.

    • If the instructor is NOT a Pivot Interactives member, they will appear in the Members list as a Pending member.

    • If the instructor is a Pivot Interactives member, they will appear in the Invitations list. They will need to accept the invite that is in their inbox to continue.

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