You can get pricing and submit an order for a Pivot Interactives license here: You'll start by estimating the total number of student seats you'll need for the academic term or year. Place that number of seats in the cart to see an estimate of the pricing

Licenses offer some flexibility in the number of students so you do not need a precise number of students. Note: Student that enroll in more than one Pivot Interactives class count as more than one seat in your estimate.

When you submit a purchase order for a license, you'll include the email address for the license administrator.

The administrator will receive email invitation to login to their account, or to create one if needed. The site administrator will then add instructors to the site. Each instructor will receive an invitation and will be immediately able to begin using all the content and features of Pivot Interactives without restriction.

The site administrator will be able to view a site dashboard that will allow them to:

  • add or remove teachers from the license

  • view the total number of seats currently used by each teacher

  • view a report for each teacher showing enrollment, assignments, classes (coming soon)

  • view the total license usage

If your total usage exceeds the maximum for your license, we'll reach out to you to resolve this either by reducing the number of enrolled students, or by invoicing for the overage.

Administering Licenses: Adding Instructors

Using the License as an Instructor

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