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Using Pivot Interactives for Teacher Workshops
Using Pivot Interactives for Teacher Workshops

All course leaders for AP Summer Institutes and other workshops can have free access.

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If you are a workshop or online course leader for science education professional development, you can have free access to Pivot Interactives for you and your participants. This includes Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSIs), Modeling Instruction workshops, and STEMteachers workshops.

To begin, sign up for free access, and also let us know (using the chat bubble at the lower right) that you need your access for your summer courses. We'll extend your access through the end of August at no charge. If you already use Pivot Interactives for your teaching, we can extend your access through the summer, or you can create a new account specifically for your workshops.

Once you create your account, feel free to explore the content and features.

If you haven't used Pivot Interactives before, you may want to start with our Getting Started guide.

Pivot Interactives has content for all Advanced Placement (AP) science courses, most International Baccelaurate (IB) science courses, and the NGSS standards. Check out the Pivot Interactives library to view the catalog. If you are teaching a standard-specific course, use the Standards filter to find activities specific to AP, IB, or NGSS.

We are also willing to provide training via video meeting (led by Matt, Peter, or another Pivot Interactives team member) during the course, depending on the workshop's size and our scheduling constraints. To schedule a video training during your course, contact us using the chat bubble at the lower right.

You are welcome to create classes for your teacher-participants, assign activities, and invite teacher-participants to join your class work on activities you assign to them. Note: Please use these instructions with your students to make their accounts. They should not use their instructor email for their student accounts.

We suggest you demonstrate how to use Pivot Interactives to teach students to:

  • make measurements, collect data, make and interpret graphs, and analyze errors,

  • teach students to design experiments to develop models,

  • test or apply models, and

  • practice all of the NGSS/AP Science Practices.

We also suggest that you show teachers how to:

  • modify an activity,

  • create an activity based on a video uploaded by the instructor, and

  • create an activity where students can upload and analyze a video.

Teacher participants are also encouraged to create free trials using this sign-up form.

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