The same email address cannot be used for multiple accounts in Pivot Interactives. This can be a problem that prevents an instructor from using Pivot Interactives as they desire. In some cases, an instructor wants to have a student account so they can see exactly what a student sees in Pivot Interactives. In other cases, an instructor may have signed up as a student when taking a workshop on Pivot Interactives, or while taking a course that uses Pivot Interactives.

The easiest solution to this problem is to use two different email addresses, for example a home email address for the "student" account and a school email address for the instructor account. An instructor seeking to create an instructor account can log in to their student account and change the email address in the profile.

After you log in, click on your login name and select Profile:

In your profile, change your email address:

Note that if you have a Google email address, you can make an alternate email address very easily by adding "+anything" to the name in the email. For example, if your address is and your school runs its email on Google, you can use the email address and any email sent to that address will arrive at your inbox. This is also true for any gmail address.

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