If your first exposure to Pivot Interactive was at a teacher training session, such as an Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) you may have created a student account using your school email address. This can cause trouble when you want to create a teacher account, because you can't create more than one account with a specific email address. Here's how to resolve this.

 1. Change the email address on the student account, then request a new free trial.

  • You can log in to the student account and change the email to something besides your teacher email address. (click your name, select profile and enter a different email). 
  • Now you can request a new free trial using your teacher email using this free trial request form.

2. Use a different email for your teacher account.

  • We only send free trial requests to educator/institution email addresses. 
  • If you have a different (but still educator/institution) email address, you can request a free trial for that email address using his free trial request form.

3. Request that we delete your student account. 

  • Contact us at info@pivotinteractives.com and tell us the name of the account you want us to delete. 
  • After we do, you can use the email associated with that account to request a free trial.
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