If your first exposure to Pivot Interactive was at a teacher training session, such as an Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI), you may have created a student account using your school email address. This can cause trouble when you want to create a teacher account because you can't create more than one account with a specific email address. Here's how to resolve this.

 1. Change the email address on the student account, then request a new free trial.

  • You can log in to the student account and change the email to something besides your teacher's email address. Go to your profile by clicking your name and selecting Profile. Then, enter a different email. The different email can be a fake email, as long as it is in email format, such as iulaerg@ioec.ggg for example.

  • Now you can request a new free trial using your teacher's email using this free trial request form.

2. Use a different email for your teacher account.

  • We only send free trial requests to educator/institution email addresses. 

  • If you have a different (but still educator/institution) email address, you can request a free trial for that email address using this free trial request form.

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