You can set up a class so that you or your institution pays for student subscriptions, or so that students pay for access when they join your class..

Institutional Purchase

Purchase subscription seats from Pivot Interactives distributor: Vernier Software and Technology. You'll receive an activation code that you use to activate seats into your account. With seats activated into your account, now you are ready to invite students to join your class. Create a class and distribute the Class Key (not the activation code) to your students and ask them to join your class by going to and selecting Join Class

Student Purchase

Distribute the class key to students and ask them to join your your class by going to and selecting Join Class. When they do they'll be prompted to either enter a credit card number to purchase access, or enter an activation code they purchase from the book store. 

To begin the process of creating  class where students will pay for access, please complete this form.

Free Trial
During your free trial, using the institution pay will allow your students to join for free. You can also create student-pay classes during your free trial, but your students will be asked to pay for access with a credit card.

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